Undies or Free ballin’?

Doing research for my next writing project… my fav kind – clothing! doing victorian, 1848-1852-ish… which is the Gold Rush Era. My how times have changed!

Get this:
Ladies wore:

  • a chemise
  • trowsers (split drawers, open crotch for easy access)
  • corset (usually boned)
  • crinoline cage
  • a petticoat or two – or three.
  • a bodice which had a bertha and tucker attached (for modesty)
  • 3 tiered flounced skirts
  • hose or stockings
  • and slippers…

loooove this jacket!

Men wore:

  • Shirt
  • vest
  • jacket
  • trousers
  • shoes & spats
  • necktie
  • and a hat


I haven’t found anything about underclothes for men before 1860 when my “History of Fashion” book says men’s drawers came into fashion. I see only long johns before that time. I refuse to believe a whole nation of men just free-balled it…

but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit!