Do Over!

Last blog post was Jan 7… that’s still better than i did last year, but i suck at blogging! Lets try this again!

I’ve been working on organizing things… A lot of my time has gone to goodreads and trying to get my author page going. Please check it out – and by all means – if you have read anything i have published, please RATE IT and LEAVE A REVIEW! You have no idea how much that helps me out! Unrated/Unreviewed books are basically invisible to readers, it would mean so much!

Of course, if you hated it, i want to know that as well… Just warn me first so i can go pick up a pint of ice cream and some chocolate. You can’t make things better if you don’t know what’s wrong, right?

Also, this month is Camp Nanowrimo (Nanowrimo, for those who don’t know is ‘National Novel Writing Month’, which is actually November, but this is like summer camp for authors!) I’m 6k words away from my goal and it appears as if i will actually finish on time – yay!

Wish me luck!