Pieces of Eight!

Readers… an announcement–


My second book drops on January 15th!


I’m so stoked! When it’s available i will post a link and i do hope you’ll check it out!




Off the coast of Santiago, a Merchant ship sails for Spanish Town, Jamaica, carrying a goods dealer and his blushing bride, Francine. Days into the journey, the notorious Captain Ewan Wells and his First Mate, Handsome Jackson, attack their sloop. Fanny hides as the Pirate crew plunders the ship; Lucas attempts to barter his duffel—exchanging all his worldly possession for his life. Captain Wells agrees and takes it all, including Fanny…

They sail the Caribbean, dodging the King’s Pirate Hunter, and head north to New Providence seeking more crewmen. Ewan faces new challenges as he falls hard for spunky Fanny.



Secondly, I plan to polish up some short stories, which i’ll post on Amazon and Smashwords. I hope you’ll check those out as well!



November is Coming!!!


We are one month out from Nanowrimo, for those not in the know – that is National Novel Writing Month, the challenge is 50k story in 30 days. Which, if you can write daily, is no biggie! If you do the maths it only works out to 1667 words a day – cake, right?




We are 30 days out from the beginning of the writing frenzy and I am in those oh so important to success beginning planning stages, Choosing characters, plotting, and deciding what i actually want to write about this year. Last year, i chose a period piece spring boarding from female hysteria. This year, so far, i’m having a bit of trouble narrowing things down…

I’ve got several ideas rolling around right now:

1. Another love story period piece, starting with the end and then weaving it’s way back through the story. What that means in english – is the story starts just before the climax in the first chapter, but the climax is not actually revealed, the second chapter goes back six months and tells how we got to that first point. Makes sense right?


2. Scifi Utopia story, takes place on a floating city, masses of men were wiped out by a gender specific superbug, and while science struggles for a cure, men are cryogenically froze to preserve the unaffected specimens. Two test subjects are reanimated 50-100 (havent decided yet) years later and have to deal with the fact that the world they knew is gone.


3. Another Scifi:  kind of cliché: Astronaut goes up to work on a space station, or planet and brings more than moon rocks home.




4.  Murder mystery – Ancient Egyptian style, however, the mummy does not make an appearance. This one is murder, kidnapping, and stolen artifacts, and unlikely companions being forced to work together.


So many things rattling around this brain, i’m not sure which direction i want to go in. What is a girl to do?



Awesome News!

Just learned this morning that my Pirate adventure “Pieces of Eight” has been contracted for publishing! Totally stoked! I have no more info than that, at this time, but I’ll keep ya posted!

I’m so excited, i’m literally sitting at my computer giggling like an insane person… i kinda feel like Renfield…


And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming… more to come!

Undies or Free ballin’?

Doing research for my next writing project… my fav kind – clothing! doing victorian, 1848-1852-ish… which is the Gold Rush Era. My how times have changed!

Get this:
Ladies wore:

  • a chemise
  • trowsers (split drawers, open crotch for easy access)
  • corset (usually boned)
  • crinoline cage
  • a petticoat or two – or three.
  • a bodice which had a bertha and tucker attached (for modesty)
  • 3 tiered flounced skirts
  • hose or stockings
  • and slippers…

loooove this jacket!

Men wore:

  • Shirt
  • vest
  • jacket
  • trousers
  • shoes & spats
  • necktie
  • and a hat


I haven’t found anything about underclothes for men before 1860 when my “History of Fashion” book says men’s drawers came into fashion. I see only long johns before that time. I refuse to believe a whole nation of men just free-balled it…

but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit!