Daily Drabble #1

I have my doubts about being able to do this daily, but i’m gonna try dammit!

One of the most important things for me, as a writer, is to sit down and write everyday. It doesn’t matter what, i just need to get some words on a page. If it happens on the current story i’m working on — cool — if not, i don’t beat myself up over it. My goal is either 5 pages or 1500 words, which is minuscule, but totally do-able.

Anyway… One of the things on the list i got recently from my publisher was Erotic Westerns, so i’ve been thinking about this story for about 2 months…i still haven’t worked out any kind of outline. I know there will be a gunfight, a whorehouse, and a train (or Stagecoach) robbery…that’s it. I’m still world building and developing characters.

Well, i didn’t my goal yet today, i only hit 1350 words, but i’m also not done yet…

The story is still untitled and was inspired by this pic :


His spurs chimed as he turned on his heel and sauntered back toward the poker players. The half-rotted wooden planks beneath his feet creaked and wobbled as he moved. Jack remained cool and calm as he leaned forward and swept the pot. His sandy brown hair matted with sweat, despite the tonic. The trademark dimples, which according to many a lady were as dangerous as his pistols, slid into his cheeks and those plush pink lips arched turning the expression into more of a smirk than smile.

“Gentleman.” Dash acknowledged all of the players sitting at the table, even those who were no longer in the game. He counted heads, six to one, outnumbering his friend. The smell of blood had hit the air, and the poker table had gathered a few bloodthirsty spectators. “Mind if I sit in this hand?”

“Not at all.” Jack gestured to a currently occupied chair. “Have a seat.”

“Deviltry is what this is,” the man slobbered. “You goddamned son of a bitch!”

Dash tipped his hat back. “Deviltry?”

“You must temper your reply, Dashell. Our friend, Mr. Baird, here is just a little weak north of the ears.”

Baird had a face puckered like wet sheepskin, tinged red with the heat of anger. He rocked forward in his chair, fists gripped tight around his cards. Yellowed teeth clenched, air whistling through them in a quick, harsh pant. The man was about to explode and Jack only encouraged him. Baird grumbled about the loss of his gold and being cheated, but didn’t bother to cease play.

“Haven’t you had enough?”

“My friend, there is never enough.”

“I meant of this game.”

Jack lifted an incredulous eyebrow. “Game? Poker is a science, Dashell, the highest court in Texas said so.”

Baird tossed his cards and slammed the table, folding his hand. “Goddamned son of a bitch! I knew you was cheatin’!”

How he had gotten ‘cheating’ out of ‘science’ was anyone’s guess. “You see,” nodded Jack. “If brains were dynamite, he wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose! Baird, need I remind you, you watched the dealer count and shuffle the deck yourself.”

His face ticked. He fondled the holstered gun hanging on his hip. “Well…shit.”


New Year, New Blog!

Happy 2015 Readers… (only 3 days late, don’t judge me! LOL)


I plan to do much better this year. This year, my resolution is to blog *something* every day, so there will be more posts, there will be more snippets of things i’m working on, things i find inspirational, and perhaps even a give away or two! Eventually, i would like to be able to sell my full stories from one website, until then, links will have to do…

Also, i’ve added a donation button… Everything on this site is free, but if you like what you’re reading, help a girl out!

Published @ Cobblestone Press :

Stella’s Diner

A steamy proposition in a nightclub brings James and Call-Girl Amelia Pierce together for a late night hook up at Stella’s Diner. He waits for his high-priced date, while she considers flaking out. She changes her mind again and heads to Stella’s… The duo head to his place, but once they reach the building, Amy’s panicked to learn her ‘john’ isn’t just another client—he’s also her new neighbor! Passion and a genuine, mutual attractions erupt between them. Amy and James can’t get each other out of their minds. Will she risk all for another encounter with him?

Pieces of Eight

Off the coast of Santiago, a Merchant ship sails for Spanish Town, Jamaica, carrying a goods dealer and his blushing bride, Francine. Days into the journey, the notorious Captain Ewan Wells and his First Mate, Handsome Jackson, attack their sloop. Fanny hides as the Pirate crew plunders the ship; Lucas attempts to barter his duffle—exchanging all his worldly possession for his life.

Captain Wells agrees and takes it all, including Fanny… They sail the Caribbean, dodging the King’s Pirate Hunter, and head north to New Providence seeking more crewmen. Ewan faces new challenges as he falls for spunky Fanny.

Available on Smashwords :

The Blind Date  ( This Title is FREE )

Grace waits in a bar, stood up by her blind date. As she readies to leave, the unexpected happens… Adonis himself sweeps into the bar, sights set on her! Without so much as a kind hello, he sweeps her into a passionate kiss. He suggests she forget the other guy, and spend the date with him. Things heat up quickly when he suggests they go back to his place instead…

Finding Mr. Darcy

After another read thru of Jane Austen’s popular novel, Pride and Prejudice, Alexandra Franco resumes her search for her own Mr. Darcy. On an otherwise normal morning, she realizes he might have been right in front of her all along, in the form of her ex-husband Liam! With this new revelation, Alex decides it may be worth it rekindle that romance. She knows the old passion is still there, and sets out to see just how hot that fire burns!

Disclaimer: All titles contain explicit adult content and may not be suitable for minors, or people who don’t enjoy sex.

Coming soon to Smashwords — a little BDSM action : Eve’s Paradise …i’ll post a snippet tomorrow!

Abject Failure!

So, i had planned to update this blog regularly. To make something of it. Which, of course, didn’t happen. I can’t even keep a reliable diary – why would i be able to do a blog? I’m online everyday, writing, researching, playing on tumblr and twitter…i just couldn’t make it happen.


I’m going to try again.

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month – nanowrimo.org ) is once again upon us! I’m entering again this year, for the 4th time. Though, my entry is only partially outlined at this point, i do plan to complete the challenge! So, as an added support step, i’m going to track my progress here too! So, you’ll get to read all the ups and downs of the writing process, and i may even posts snippets of the story!

Sounds like a plan, right? November 1st, here i come!

Also: If you happen to be participating as well, feel free to add me as a buddy on the nano site!

November is Coming!!!


We are one month out from Nanowrimo, for those not in the know – that is National Novel Writing Month, the challenge is 50k story in 30 days. Which, if you can write daily, is no biggie! If you do the maths it only works out to 1667 words a day – cake, right?




We are 30 days out from the beginning of the writing frenzy and I am in those oh so important to success beginning planning stages, Choosing characters, plotting, and deciding what i actually want to write about this year. Last year, i chose a period piece spring boarding from female hysteria. This year, so far, i’m having a bit of trouble narrowing things down…

I’ve got several ideas rolling around right now:

1. Another love story period piece, starting with the end and then weaving it’s way back through the story. What that means in english – is the story starts just before the climax in the first chapter, but the climax is not actually revealed, the second chapter goes back six months and tells how we got to that first point. Makes sense right?


2. Scifi Utopia story, takes place on a floating city, masses of men were wiped out by a gender specific superbug, and while science struggles for a cure, men are cryogenically froze to preserve the unaffected specimens. Two test subjects are reanimated 50-100 (havent decided yet) years later and have to deal with the fact that the world they knew is gone.


3. Another Scifi:  kind of cliché: Astronaut goes up to work on a space station, or planet and brings more than moon rocks home.




4.  Murder mystery – Ancient Egyptian style, however, the mummy does not make an appearance. This one is murder, kidnapping, and stolen artifacts, and unlikely companions being forced to work together.


So many things rattling around this brain, i’m not sure which direction i want to go in. What is a girl to do?



Awesome News!

Just learned this morning that my Pirate adventure “Pieces of Eight” has been contracted for publishing! Totally stoked! I have no more info than that, at this time, but I’ll keep ya posted!

I’m so excited, i’m literally sitting at my computer giggling like an insane person… i kinda feel like Renfield…


And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming… more to come!

What this Blog is for…

I -SO- wish i’d gotten this idea earlier… oh well. Hindsight.

Here’s the deal, at least one usually random weekend of the month I manage to take myself on some kind of photographic adventure.

I try to choose somewhere i haven’t before – even if it’s in a city i’ve been to (say San Francisco, for example) i find some place to go that i’ve not been to before to shoot. And, I realized i have a few adventures that might be blog-worthy, so i decided to go ahead and join the cool kids and create my own blog!

That’s me, always the late bloomer – better late than never i guess?

Anyhoo – i’ve written about some of the experiences, so some will be back dated to when i took the actual adventure, hope you dont mind- and if you do… well… sorry, but i don’t really care. I’m posting them anyway!


Also, I whenever Musee has a whim, or i’ve done something creative that might also seem blog-worthy, you may see that as well.

Welcome to my blog & to my Adventures!

Happy New Year!