Project! Yay! Research time…

You know…if the NSA or FBI or whomever ever decides they need to confiscate my computer, i’m going to be in so much trouble! HA. The things i’ve googled in the name of research–  ahem… anyway…

Today, instead of spending all day writing, i found myself doing a little bit of research for my next book. This as yet untitled story is going to be an erotic Victorian BDSM piece. What? I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t worked on an outline or plot (yes, this one is PWP) or decided on characters – no. Today was all about researching toys and technique… Obviously, the implements and applications we have these days can’t be used. Hell, i can’t even use many slang words! That itself isn’t a bad thing – it will force me to do more showing than telling, and isn’t that the point?

So, my first question is: what would a Victorian Dom have at his disposal?

And the answer: a whole lot more than you think!

I began by thinking about him. My Dom. What he’s like, what he does, how he presents himself to society – and i’ve decided that he’s probably going to be a somewhat respected Physician (in Victorian England, gentlemen were not required to attend medical school or even have a proper license to be a Physician – there’s a scary thought – it also explains a bit about why ‘Female Hysteria’ was treated with manual masturbation – from the doctor – instead of other means), which means he will have a certain social respectability without the inconvenience of all that pesky work. Surgeons and Apothecary’s were also serving medical needs, one cut you open and the other dolled out drugs and wives tale cures.

But, this opens the door for Medical implements: A speculum, Pinwheel, hydrotherapy machines, Rectal dilators – yes it’s a thing. They were used for constipation, but honestly, all i see is a butt plug.


They used medicinal chastity devices etc… not only were they for chronic masturbators, which is quite the punishment, but also for individuals with venereal diseases.


and don’t those look fun?

There are also household items…feather dusters were invented in 1835, clothespins were 1834, so tickling and zippering are in!

As far as spankings go – a hand is always useful, but paddles have been around for a long time too, so have whips and quirts, and the cat o’ nine tales. They also used a ‘Birch’ which is basically a bundle of birch twigs… all for various uses and including self flagellation.

Now, obviously, i can’t use velcro. Velcro was mainstream by the late 1950’s, so the neoprene and velcro cuffs are out — but in place of those, there are many restraint options: Rope, silk, scarves, and even fetters (aka prison shackles)

Condoms have been around for centuries, but they were expensive – everything from sheep guts (which Casanova used) to a rubber-type job made by Goodyear (yes…that Goodyear). They also ranged in what they covered, some only covered the glands (which is the tip) and some sheathed the entire thing…all of them sound extremely uncomfortable. Boys, be thankful for latex.

Now the important stuff…

Dildoes (yes, they spelled it with an E) or the ‘Ladies Syringe’ – which ranged from wood to ivory to ‘india-rubber’ and glass. They varied in size, shape, color – some were even inlaid with GOLD.

This bad boy is from the stone-age…

.05_Flatbed_WEB - MAY.

and these guys, which are actually from 18th century France, not Victorian England…10 and 11 inches.


Like today, they come in all shapes and sizes – even religious icons… lol.

India brought sultry spices, the Kama Sutra and Arabian Nights and the Chinese brought us cock rings made of ivory and geisha balls (early ben-wa balls). At least the Chinese had sense enough to carve them out of material – other area’s of the world were using goat eyes…the eyelid part with the eyelashes. Yes. They treated the eyelid to preserve it, and stiffened the eyelashes…to pleasure the female.

I have never been so grateful for vulcanized rubber in my entire life.

And, i saved this for last… I found many wonders today, but nothing skeeved me out quite like this…


This creepy looking device is a ‘vaginal washer’ …thats right… that little crank on the side spins the brass tines around inside a woman’s vaginal vault to “clean” it. Apparently, a hose apparatus could also be attached, giving it a douche effect. I mean…who? I can’t even- it’s a fucking eggbeater! If Ted Bundy were a Victorian Surgeon, he probably would have used something like this. Hell, he probably would have used it regardless – this isn’t medical, or cleanliness, it’s torture!

Honorable mention (since it’s non-Victorian): first blow-up doll: 1904! can you believe that!? They figure out the whole rubber thing and the first thing the guy does is make a chick…? lol. Kidding. Kidding, i’m suuuure there was more to it than that…

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