Eve’s Paradise is Available!

Eve’s Paradise Is now available at Smashwords, download a sample! If you like it, buy the book!

I plan to add more stories to Smashwords, like i’ve been promising my readers for months — i will — this is only the beginning! I’m also polishing up two stories to submit to my publisher, I’ll have to let you know how it goes!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.41.50 PM

Snippet from Eve’s Paradise…

“You’re late, Jack.”

“I know,” he lowered his eyes.

“You’ll have to be punished for taking up my time.” He didn’t say anything else, because he knew he wasn’t supposed to do that. She didn’t miss the twinkle of excitement passing through those deep blue eyes. He was more than ready for whatever punishment she doled out. God he smells edible… “Follow me.”

He obeyed, like a good little sub.

Eve led him into her pleasure chamber and locked the door. House music thumped through the wall, vibrating into her room. She flipped the light switch, which lit the twinkly lights looped around her bedposts. She slowly lit the row of candles lining her dresser. The blood red walls and all her little toys came to life under the glow of those partially melted candles.

Jack stood where she left him.

“Now,” she ran her fingers across the assortment of crops and paddles hanging from the rack on her wall, fingering a vibrant purple ostrich plume. She dropped her hand to the toy chest sitting on a set of low shelves. “What shall I do with you?” Eve dug through blindfolds and gags and scarves. Jack liked bondage, dominance, and submission, but shied away from the sadomasochism. Yielding and surrendering his will gave him pleasure, while pain and humiliation did not. He allowed her call him slut, but that was the extent of humiliation. Eve respected that. In all their fun and games she had only ever made him scream his safe word once.

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