New Year, New Blog!

Happy 2015 Readers… (only 3 days late, don’t judge me! LOL)


I plan to do much better this year. This year, my resolution is to blog *something* every day, so there will be more posts, there will be more snippets of things i’m working on, things i find inspirational, and perhaps even a give away or two! Eventually, i would like to be able to sell my full stories from one website, until then, links will have to do…

Also, i’ve added a donation button… Everything on this site is free, but if you like what you’re reading, help a girl out!

Published @ Cobblestone Press :

Stella’s Diner

A steamy proposition in a nightclub brings James and Call-Girl Amelia Pierce together for a late night hook up at Stella’s Diner. He waits for his high-priced date, while she considers flaking out. She changes her mind again and heads to Stella’s… The duo head to his place, but once they reach the building, Amy’s panicked to learn her ‘john’ isn’t just another client—he’s also her new neighbor! Passion and a genuine, mutual attractions erupt between them. Amy and James can’t get each other out of their minds. Will she risk all for another encounter with him?

Pieces of Eight

Off the coast of Santiago, a Merchant ship sails for Spanish Town, Jamaica, carrying a goods dealer and his blushing bride, Francine. Days into the journey, the notorious Captain Ewan Wells and his First Mate, Handsome Jackson, attack their sloop. Fanny hides as the Pirate crew plunders the ship; Lucas attempts to barter his duffle—exchanging all his worldly possession for his life.

Captain Wells agrees and takes it all, including Fanny… They sail the Caribbean, dodging the King’s Pirate Hunter, and head north to New Providence seeking more crewmen. Ewan faces new challenges as he falls for spunky Fanny.

Available on Smashwords :

The Blind Date  ( This Title is FREE )

Grace waits in a bar, stood up by her blind date. As she readies to leave, the unexpected happens… Adonis himself sweeps into the bar, sights set on her! Without so much as a kind hello, he sweeps her into a passionate kiss. He suggests she forget the other guy, and spend the date with him. Things heat up quickly when he suggests they go back to his place instead…

Finding Mr. Darcy

After another read thru of Jane Austen’s popular novel, Pride and Prejudice, Alexandra Franco resumes her search for her own Mr. Darcy. On an otherwise normal morning, she realizes he might have been right in front of her all along, in the form of her ex-husband Liam! With this new revelation, Alex decides it may be worth it rekindle that romance. She knows the old passion is still there, and sets out to see just how hot that fire burns!

Disclaimer: All titles contain explicit adult content and may not be suitable for minors, or people who don’t enjoy sex.

Coming soon to Smashwords — a little BDSM action : Eve’s Paradise …i’ll post a snippet tomorrow!

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