Pieces of Eight!

Readers… an announcement–


My second book drops on January 15th!


I’m so stoked! When it’s available i will post a link and i do hope you’ll check it out!




Off the coast of Santiago, a Merchant ship sails for Spanish Town, Jamaica, carrying a goods dealer and his blushing bride, Francine. Days into the journey, the notorious Captain Ewan Wells and his First Mate, Handsome Jackson, attack their sloop. Fanny hides as the Pirate crew plunders the ship; Lucas attempts to barter his duffel—exchanging all his worldly possession for his life. Captain Wells agrees and takes it all, including Fanny…

They sail the Caribbean, dodging the King’s Pirate Hunter, and head north to New Providence seeking more crewmen. Ewan faces new challenges as he falls hard for spunky Fanny.



Secondly, I plan to polish up some short stories, which i’ll post on Amazon and Smashwords. I hope you’ll check those out as well!



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