Left my heart in San Francisco

There may not be a heaven, but there’s always San Francisco…

San Francisco is easily my favorite place ever! It’s only a hour+ drive from here, making it the best place to take a day trip. There’s always something to do, something to see. This may actually turn into several blogs, because there is far too much to cover for just one. The City buzzes, it moves and vibrates like it has a life of it’s own. The electricity and energy that pulses through the city never fails to astound me. And, it happens, every time I cross the Bay Bridge and enter the city.

I’m not real sure where to start – so I’m going to just start, and start with the most obvious…


Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, when finished in 1937, was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Not sure which bridge currently holds that title, but at the time, it was the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate is the most popular place to commit suicide not only in the United States, but also the most popular place in the entire world.

According to wiki, “After a fall of approximately four seconds, jumpers hit the water at some 76 miles per hour (122 km/h). At such a speed, water has been determined to take on properties similar to concrete. Because of this, most jumpers die on their immediate contact with the water. The few who survive the initial impact generally drown or die of hypothermia in the cold water.”

I was not aware of this…

I knew Fort Point below the bridge was a popular spot, which is why the city put in large rocks along the water edge to discourage jumpers. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Vertigo” Fort Point is the spot where Kim Novak “falls” into The Bay and Jimmy Stewart jumps in after her.

Anyway, the last exit before you cross the bridge takes you to the historic “roundhouse” complete with a café and Strauss statue. From here, you can walk the 1.7 miles across the bridge, if you like walking on the freeway… it’s actually quite an experience, you don’t really need to cross the whole bridge, you can go half way and get some wonderful shots of the city.

Me at Baker Beach

Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf

Ahh, tourism at its best…

Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf are probably the most well known spots in the city, right behind the Golden Gate Bridge, park, and Chinatown. If you are a professional people watcher, this can be easily one of the best places to squat. Pier 39 is all shopping, shopping, shopping! The Wharf & Pier is where the heaviest tourist traffic is, usually there are people everywhere. Beggars, performers, mimes that are not mimes, and fortune tellers that chase you down the street… or is that just me?

While my favorite place to eat in the city is The Cheesecake factory in Union Square, out on the *balcony*. This last trip to the city we decided to try somewhere new… we went to a sushi place called, “grande ho’s” and yes… we ate there because of the name and we are that immature.

The Sushi place is right off Hyde, i was surprised that it wasn’t too busy. The fish was fresh and had a good taste, and the restaurant was decently priced.

Good times!

Take a ferry across the bay to Sausalito. Visit Alcatraz Island. The Bay Aquarium. The San Francisco Zoo. De Young Museum. Japanese Garden. Have a picnic in Golden Gate Park. Shop! Visit Coit Tower. There is so much to do, so much more than i’ve got here!

Enjoy it!