Angels on the Sideline

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA

Boredom is a  disease and I’m dying from it! So, I get on the good ole interwebz and search for something to go do – something to get out of the house! I don’t know exactly how or what I was searching for, but I came across this statue of an angel that I was utterly fascinated by.

So I dug a little – turns out this little gem is very, very close! The statue is in the Piedmont/Oakland area, in Mountain View Cemetery, and only about an hour away. Typically, I’m not allowed to go to San Francisco/Oakland… well, anywhere really… alone. This is NOT my rule; this is Dad’s rule – even though I am an adult now, apparently I’m very much still a little girl in Dad’s eyes and if it were up to him I’d never go anywhere. So… like any good little girl, I didn’t tell them I was going.

I wish I’d done more research before actually leaving, I would have found that this is the burial place of ‘The Black Dahlia’ Elizabeth Short… but I didn’t find that out until much later – so I missed this angel.

I have a weird fascination with Cemeteries, I think partially because you can tell a lot about the town and city you’re in by the shape of their cemeteries. I’m always more comfortable in a cemetery than on a busy street. I like dark things, I like skulls, and angels, and all the things hiding in the dark. I love horror movies. The dark side of life intrigues me, which is probably why I’m comfortable in cemeteries.

Anyway – I print out the directions to Mountain View, gas up my car, and head out.

I drove through the black and gold gates, and swerved around to the right. I wasn’t real sure where exactly this angel was, but I was determined to find it. The cemetery is large, and spacious, and hilly (it is the bay area after all). I decided to stop after a large pyramid caught my eye. So I parked casually on the side of the road, and trekked up to the tomb.

A pair of sphinx caught my eye after that. Something like this seemed wildly out of place, but it was an amazingly cool find. I circled the pyramid, and stopped in front of the male sphinx figure. I took this photo, nearly hypnotized by the statues eyes.

Next, I climbed and wandered up a few rows. I was in the midst of take photos of this statue,

An elderly woman walking through the cemetery approached me. She stopped me, asking what I was doing. I told her I’d come to take pictures of the angels and statues.

“Oh, I see.” She said with a smile, “Well, there are some really good ones over there…” turning and pointing down to another area of the cemetery.

I turned to see what she was pointing at, and then turned back to thank her for the info. When I turned back to where she’d been standing, the old lady was gone.

An angel? A ghost? I’m not exactly sure…

I did, however, take her advice and direction. I slowly made my way around to the area she pointed. I made a few detours along the way, stopping to capture things that caught my eye.

There’s a section on a hilltop that is called Millionaire’s row. I learned that the angel I sought sat on top of Crocker’s tomb. I figured it would be a safe bet that he would be up there. He wasn’t, but his grandfather is.

So I got back in my car, and curled back down to the place my angel pointed me. I parked again, nearly had a panic attack when I realized I found what I’d been looking for! My angel had pointed it out to me; I knew where to go the whole entire time…


I was kind of amazed, i’ve never had an experience that i know for certain was an actual experience. That day has stayed with me, i’ve always believed in Ghosts, always believed in Angels… but this kind of gave me all the proof i would ever need.