Homeward Bound…

We’re headed home today.

Two & 1/2 days in The Big Easy is NOT enough time, i didn’t even get to the garden district or Lafayette Cemetery. How did that happen? LOL. Lestat would be so disappointed.  Although, i did manage to squeeze quite a bit into a few days, there is still a lot on my list that we’ve still got left to do!

We didn’t get to the Presbytere to see the Mardi Gras floats & exhibits museum.

We didn’t make it to The Garden District, Magazine St., Anne Rice’s old house, Lafayette or Metairie (which i finally learned to pronounce: met-err-ee) Cemeteries, a few plantations, the botanical gardens, and Longue Vue house & gardens. This should fit nicely into another 3-4 days, don’t you think?

Anyway – we got up early, packed up our bags, and walked for the last time to The Café du Monde. We walked up Bourbon St. for the last time, and made our way across Jackson Square to have our Café au Lait & Beignets.

I had a much better time managing the powdered sugar this time, and did NOT end up completely covered in the confection!

We had our breakfast, people watched for a bit, and then leisurely made our way back to The Royal St. Charles Hotel to check out and collect the temperamental rental car.

Whenever I leave a big city I always have the same feeling… its a weird sadness, I don’t want to leave. I’m not sure if it’s the leaving or the going back to real life that causes it, but it’s the same feeling as going back to work on a monday morning after a long weekend.

We drove the couple hours back to the Jackson, MS, Airport and boarded our plane.

Back to real life… for now.

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