What this Blog is for…

I -SO- wish i’d gotten this idea earlier… oh well. Hindsight.

Here’s the deal, at least one usually random weekend of the month I manage to take myself on some kind of photographic adventure.

I try to choose somewhere i haven’t before – even if it’s in a city i’ve been to (say San Francisco, for example) i find some place to go that i’ve not been to before to shoot. And, I realized i have a few adventures that might be blog-worthy, so i decided to go ahead and join the cool kids and create my own blog!

That’s me, always the late bloomer – better late than never i guess?

Anyhoo – i’ve written about some of the experiences, so some will be back dated to when i took the actual adventure, hope you dont mind- and if you do… well… sorry, but i don’t really care. I’m posting them anyway!


Also, I whenever Musee has a whim, or i’ve done something creative that might also seem blog-worthy, you may see that as well.

Welcome to my blog & to my Adventures!

Happy New Year!